Meet the Team

Dmitri Adler
Chief Data Scientist

Dmitri is a former J.P. Morgan investment banker and hedge fund analyst who used data to improve investment outcomes. Dmitri is passionate about democratizing data science and bringing data driven decision-making to people who want to improve the quality of their decisions, careers, and lives.

Merav Yuravlivker
Chief Executive Officer

Merav is a nationally ranked instructor whose classrooms have ranged from special education elementary students in New York City to adults in Washington, DC. Merav is passionate about integrating data science tools in the education field and making data science accessible to all.

Katya Mijatovic
Data Scientist

Katya is a former journalist with background in applied linguistics and a degree in Computational Sciences. Katya is passionate about using data, math, and programming languages to mine and discover new insights from natural languages.

Ziran Feng
Data Scientist

Ziran has a background in Applied Math and Statistics from Georgetown University. He has experience on data cleaning and building models using machine learning. He is also a big fan of Python and Hadoop streaming. He is passionate about uncovering distinct perspectives through data analysis.

Dr. Harlan Harris

Harlan is the Director of Data Science at WeWork, and the co-founder of the Data Science DC Meetup and Data Community DC, Inc. Dr. Harris has many years in the data science industry and co-authored “Analyzing the Analyzers” through O’Reilly Media.

Richard Heimann

Rich is the Chief Data Scientist at Cybraics, Inc. He is part of the adjunct Faculty at UMBC and an Instructor at George Mason University. Rich serves on the Selection Committee for the AAAS Big Data & Analytics Fellowships Program. He has deep expertise running data science teams and is the co-author of “Social Media Mining with R.”

Dr. Kaska Adoteye

Kaska Adoteye has a PhD in Applied Mathematics from NC State University. He has previously built models for stock trading, and is developing an artificial intelligence engine to help secure cyber networks. He is passionate about using math and statistics to solve real world problems with a maximum impact.

Dr. Amanda Traud

Amanda earned her Masters in Applied Mathematics from UNC – Chapel Hill, and her PhD in Biomathematics from North Carolina State University. Her expertise is in network science/statistical analytics to explore and analyze netflow data, geographical data, and social media data. She is passionate about increasing the number of women in data science.